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Tree Sales and Planting Houston

Experience Top-Notch Tree Sales and Planting Houston Service Team

At Pura Vida Tree Service, we specialize in transforming your outdoor spaces with our professional tree sales and planting Houston service. As experts in arboriculture and landscaping, we understand the importance of choosing the right tree species to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. Our dedicated team, including certified arborists, utilizes sustainable landscaping practices to ensure the health and longevity of your trees. Whether you are looking to create a lush green infrastructure or engage in reforestation efforts, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Tree Sales and Planting In Houston

Our Tree Planting Services in Houston, TX

Pura Vida Tree Service offers a comprehensive range of tree sales and planting services designed to meet the specific needs of the Houston community. Our services include:

  • Nursery and Tree Farm Visits: Select from a wide variety of healthy saplings and seedlings.
  • Landscape Design: Tailor your outdoor areas with our expert landscape design services.
  • Tree Care and Maintenance: Ensure the health and beauty of your trees with ongoing care.
  • Tree Transplantation: Safely relocate existing trees with our professional transplantation services.
  • Sustainable Practices: Benefit from our commitment to sustainable landscaping and green infrastructure.

With our expert tree Service Houston, planting a tree is more than just adding greenery; it’s about creating a lasting impact on the urban forestry of Houston.



Jasmine Patel
Jasmine Patel6 Reviews
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I had an AMAZING experience with Pura Vida Tree Service! Their technician, Mike, was professional and punctual. He trimmed 4 of our oaks with such precision—our yard looks fantastic now. Definitely the go-to local tree service in Houston!
Johnson Tyler
Johnson Tyler 8 Reviews
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Pura Vida Tree Service is a lifesaver! We had a potentially dangerous tree looming over our house near the Galleria, and their team handled it with such professionalism. Alex was informative and efficient, making sure everything was clear and safe. Best service we’ve had!
Sofia Martinez
Sofia Martinez5 Reviews
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If you need reliable and professional tree service in Houston, look no further than Pura Vida. Mark was a true pro, arriving right on time and expertly removing a troublesome tree from our property. Their attention to detail and safety was remarkable!
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson9 Reviews
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Five stars for Pura Vida Tree Service! đź‘Ť They did an incredible job treating diseased trees in our front yard. Technician Emma was thorough and very courteous, explaining each step. Our trees haven't looked this healthy in years! Thank you, Pura Vida, for being our local go-to!
Maya Rodriguez
Maya Rodriguez4 Reviews
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Absolutely thrilled with the service from Pura Vida Tree Service! 👏 Their technician, Carlos, was not only on time but also incredibly professional. He expertly trimmed our large oak and now it looks fantastic—like a work of art! Highly recommend for anyone in Houston looking for top-notch tree care. 🌳

Visit Our Vibrant Nursery and Tree Farm

Step into our nursery and tree farm, where a wide variety of trees thrive, perfectly suited to Houston’s unique climate. Here, you can personally select the ideal trees to complement your space. We are committed to sustainable growing practices, ensuring each tree is robust and ready for planting. Whether you’re looking to add shade, color, or privacy, our nursery offers the perfect solutions. Curious to explore our selection? Visit us today and start planning your landscape transformation with the best that nature offers.

Transform Your Space with Expert Landscape Design

Our landscape design services are crafted to combine beauty with practicality, creating spaces that reflect your personal style while fitting your functional needs. We take a comprehensive approach, considering everything from soil health to plant compatibility, ensuring that your landscape is not only stunning but also sustainable and easy to maintain. Are you dreaming of a serene retreat or a vibrant area for hosting gatherings? Contact us, and let’s start turning those dreams into reality with a landscape designed just for you.

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Keep Your Trees Thriving with Professional Care

Good tree health is crucial for maintaining the beauty and value of your property. Our professional tree care services include precision pruning, effective disease management, and customized care plans tailored to the specific needs of each tree. Utilizing modern arboricultural methods, our experienced arborists ensure your trees are healthy, beautiful, and structurally sound. Is it time to enhance your trees’ health? Book an appointment with our tree sale and planting Houston team today and let us take the worry out of tree care for you.

Trees Thriving Houston

Rely on Our Expert Tree Transplantation Services

Tree transplantation can be a complex process, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure the health and longevity of your trees. Our skilled team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure each tree is moved without stress, settling successfully into its new location. Whether it’s a single tree or an entire landscape rearrangement, our professional transplantation services are here to help. Need to move a tree? Contact us for reliable and efficient tree transplantation Houston services, and watch your trees thrive in their new home.

Enhance Your Property with Our Comprehensive Landscaping Services

Invest in your property with our top-tier landscaping services, designed to elevate both the aesthetic appeal and market value of your space. Specializing in tree planting, landscape design, and ongoing maintenance, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique environmental and aesthetic needs of properties in Houston. We are dedicated to delivering quality, sustainable outcomes for every project. Thinking about upgrading your outdoor area? Partner with us to transform your property into a standout landscape that impresses and delights.

Tree Sales and Planting Houston: FAQs

In Houston, tree species that thrive include the Live Oak, Bald Cypress, and Southern Magnolia. We can help you select the best species that will flourish in your specific landscape.

Newly planted trees need regular watering to establish roots. In Houston’s climate, we recommend watering deeply once a week during the first few months after planting, adjusting based on rainfall and soil conditions.

Our tree planting services include initial consultation, site evaluation, tree selection from our nursery, professional planting, and detailed guidance on care and maintenance.

Absolutely! Our landscape design services integrate tree planting with overall garden aesthetics, focusing on creating a harmonious and sustainable environment.

Professional tree planting ensures that your trees are selected and placed thoughtfully to enhance aesthetic appeal and property value. Proper planting and care by experts also significantly increase the survival and growth rate of trees.